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In   the   face   of   continuous,   rapid   economic   and   technological   change,   in   today’s   competitive   marketplace   organisations seek   those   who   not   only   add   value,   but   who   have   the   skills   to   help   transform   their   organisation.      All   employees,   whatever their discipline, must be equipped with up to date and meaningful professional skills. Based   on   research,   it   is   evident   that   organisations   are   concerned   that   graduates   are   not   equipped   with   key   employability skills to succeed in the workplace.  The   Professional   Skills   Programme,   developed   In   2012,   is   a   unique,   interactive,   innovative   and   scenario   based   global workplace   readiness   programme,   which   addresses   the   concerning   employability   skills   gaps   faced   by   organisations   and industry bodies.  The   ILM   accredited   programme,   designed   through   close   collaboration   and   input   from   leading   organisations,   equips students    not    only    with    key    transferable    professional    skills,    through    discussion    of    the    attributes,    characteristics    and behaviours   required   in   organisations,   but   also   explains   the   realities   of   life   in   the   workplace.      Thereby   helping   students   to advance   their   career   by   understanding   how   to   add   value   and   effectiveness   in   their   next   role.         The   programme   is   based   on the development of 12 key professional skills provided below:


The   programme,   consisting   of   10   modules,   with   up   to   32   hours   of   classroom   learning,   has   been   designed   to      supplement and    complement    existing    institutional    and    corporate    learning.        The    programme    is    taught    in    a    highly    participative, interactive   and   inspiring   format,   using   presentations,   case   studies   and   group   work,   together   with   use   of   award   winning video    learning    material.        Students    are    encouraged    to    contribute    vigorously,    undertaking    reflective    review,    whilst understanding how to meaningfully adopt their newly developed employability skills within the workplace.    Access   to   additional   on-line   learning   material   is   also   provided   via   a   dedicated   and   secure   Professional   Skills   On-Line Resources website. The programme can be customised to meet your individual institution or organisation needs. Target Audience The   programme   has   been   designed   specifically   for   current   University,   College,   and   A-Level/Higher   students,   including recent graduates, regardless of discipline, who want to develop their career post education.

What Students Say

It is all about purpose and feedback - here are a selection of reviews from delighted students .

Finding Out More

To    find    out    more    about    how    The    Professional    Skills    Programme    can    help    you,    either    from    the    perspective    of    an educational institution, organisation or a student, we would be delighted to hear from you .


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“Graduates lack awareness and interpersonal skills

and do not understand how to work effectively in

teams, communicate and persuade - both orally and

in writing” (CMI, 2014)

“More than half of employers say they have turned down

candidates because they have lacked employability skills

and the right personalties & behaviours.” (Training Journal,


9/10 employers state that employability skills are the

top attributes they look for when hiring” (CBI, 2016)

“Some students are over optimistic about how the skills

gained at school,  college and university prepares them

for the job market” (Times Higher Education, 2015)