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Feedback &

Success Stories

Corporate Feedback

”Attending this programme is a big tick for getting students through the first stage of our application process as it demonstrates prior knowledge of the most important skills needed to start up successfully in a role at P&G. Participation in this programme demonstrates the willingness to go the extra mile for success.”            Emma Pyper, Project Manager, P&G “Developing professional skills is a significant requirement for organisations today.  The Professional Skills Programme is designed to develop the key soft and functional skills organisations require, not just to help career development and aid organisational competitiveness, but also to give an insight into working life and how to act.”      Stella Heath, Director of Centre for Open Studies, University of Glasgow

Student Feedback

Thank   you   for   providing   such   an   excellent   course, which    I    found    to    be    really    informative,    but    most importantly    engaging.        It    was    the    first    time    I attended   a   course   of   this   kind   where   we   discussed matters   that   few   text   books   cover,   yet   that   are   as important   if   not   more   important   than   the   technical capabilities    that    we    come    out    with    following    the completion   of   our   degrees.      I   would   like   to   thank   you for    providing    us    with    this    learning    opportunity again” Vladyslav Medvensky.
Very   useful   concepts   and   issues   tackled   when   you are   looking   to   be   a   manager   within   typical   office   life. Real   life   examples   and   real   working   life   dilemmas were   raised   in   the   programme.      Overall,   it   was   a great    overview    of    what    lies    ahead    in    working environments.”                                                                                          Anca Muntean.
“I    recently    secured    a    once-in-a-lifetime    opportunity and   this   would   never   have   happened   if   it   was   not   for your     employability     skills     programme     and     your motivational   words.      I   can’t   find   the   words   to   tell   you how   grateful   I   am,   and   I   will   never   forget   what   you did for me and how you changed my future.”                                                                  Evelina Simeonova.
“The   programme   provided   a   wealth   of   information covering   every   aspect   of   working   life,   and   numerous tips      on      personal      professional      development.      I particularly    enjoyed    taking    part    in    the    variety    of exercises   throughout   the   programme.   In   the   summer, following    the    programme,    I    was    selected    for    work with   a   FTSE   250   company   and   I   strongly   believe   my development     on     the     programme     was     a     major contributing    factor.    I    will    continue    to    apply    the knowledge I gained in the programme in the future.” Joanne Liddell.
“It is one of the best programmes I have attended, I  learned so much about myself, furthermore I am now aware of the issues I could be faced with when working in a business environment and also how to deal with these issues. I would strongly recommend everyone to attend this course.”                                                                                                                                              Huang Lu.
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For   me   it   was   one   of   the   best   courses   I   have   ever taken.      You   learn   so   much   about   yourself   as   a   person and   how   to   develop   further.      I   also   recognised   myself in   some   of   the   examples   and   I   started   to   evaluate   my past   experiences   and   understand   what   I   could   have done   differently   and   what   to   do   in   the   future.      I   now know   areas   I   need   to   work   on   and   how   to   prepare   for my    next    role.        An    amazing    experience,    I    highly recommend   it!      P.S.   I   can   probably   talk   for   a   week about   how   great   the   course   was   -   I   was   impressed   by the structure.  Alec was absolutely amazing. ”                                                                                        Gergana Ruskova