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The   recently   launched   ILM   Level   2   Award   and   Extended   Award   for   Young   Leaders   (8004)   are   designed   for   individuals   aged between   14   and   24   years.      The   aim   of   the   award   is   to   help   young   learners   develop   a   range   of   skills   and   behaviours   in leadership,   self-management   and   mentoring,   alongside   behaviours   to   build   confidence   and   an   appreciation   of   the   benefits that be gained through social action.  The   development   of   these   skills   and   associated   behaviours   provide   a   valuable   self-starting   platform   for   young   learners   in this    rapidly    changing    world,    enabling    them    to    differentiate    themselves    from    other    applicants    in    their    next    career    or educational path. The   programme   is   taught   in   a   highly   participative,   interactive   and   inspiring   way,   using   presentations,   case   studies   and   group work.    The    programme    promotes    a    reflective    review,    and    encourages    participants    to    apply    their    learning    within    the workplace.      Participants   will   complete   a   work-based   learning   assignment,   which   is   assessed   and   verified   by   ILM   to   achieve their accreditation. The programme is approved in England for DfE (Section 96) and EFA funding.

Benefits for individuals

Learn core leadership and self-management skills and behaviours; Develop an understanding and a set of core skills in the role of mentoring; Improve personal accountability and motivation; Gain an understanding of how volunteering (social action) benefits both the individual and the community; Have evidence through a reflective journal of individual development ; Gain a solid foundation of core personal skills that will support the next stages in career or education progression; Get a nationally recognised qualification.

Benefits for organisations

Provide a framework through which young people will develop essential lifelong personal skills & behaviours; Provide   an   opportunity   to   gain   a   nationally   recognised   qualification   that   will   offer   a   pathway   to   further   educational   or personal development.

Overview of programme and assessed units

o ILM Level 2 Award Level – Two mandatory level units. o ILM Level 2 Extended Award Level – Two mandatory level units with a choice of one or both of the extended award level units.


These qualifications will provide progression opportunities to other ILM qualifications such as: ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership & Team Skills ILM Level 2 Award in Mentoring ILM Level 2 Certificate in Leadership & Team Skills ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management plus they will support and enhance the completion of other established pathways such as: Duke of Edinburgh Award GCSE’s, A Levels or NVQs (England, Wales & Northern Ireland) SCQF National 5 and Highers (Scotland) Queen’s Scout Award Community or Junior Sports Leaders Awards Level 1 or 2 Business employees volunteering in the community

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To   find   out   more   about   how   the   ILM   Level   2   Award   and   Extended   Award   for   Young   Leaders   can   help   you,   either   from   the perspective of a educational institution, organisation or a student, please contact us .

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