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ILM,   part   of   the   City   &   Guilds   group,   improve   the   leadership   skills   and   success   levels   of   over   90,000   managers   each   year.     With   over   110   leadership   and   management   qualifications   available,   ILM   offer   you   unrivalled   experience   in   the   sector   and their Royal Charter brings the highest level of prestige.  ILM   centres   are   available   across   48   countries   which   includes   Asia,   The   Middle   East   and   Europe.      93,000   people   take   an   ILM qualification   every   year   making   them   the   largest   provider   of   leadership   and   management   qualifications   in   Europe.      93%   of employers   say   their   managers   perform   better   after   taking   an   ILM   qualification,   proof   that   tailored,   flexible,   vocational training works.

Introducing ILM - Leadership Without Limits


Further Information

For further information about ILM, please visit their website www.i-l-m.com

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