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University of Glasgow, Adam Smith Business School.

During   my   MBA   and   upon   completion,   I   was   absolutely   convinced   there   was   a   need   for   students   to further   enhance   their   employability   and   leadership   skills.      As   I   result,   I   develop   proven   programmes which are designed to equip students with meaningful life-long skills focused on career development.

Alec is an extremely professional, innovative and committed colleague who has developed

a high quality professional development programme for our students. Alec develops a high level of rapport with

all of our students and delivers an outstanding service in all areas”

Dickon Copsey, College Employability Officer, University of Glasgow

With   this   focus   and   passion,   I   have   taught   over   2500   hours   on   the   subject   areas   of   Employability   Skills,   Leadership, Management,   Human   Resource   Management,   Operations   Management   and   Strategy   to   over   2000   international   students within leading academic institutions and corporates.

Enthusiastic, passionate and a great mentor are the three words that come to my mind when I think                        

of Alec.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from him”

Tejaswi Bathulapalli, Student

I   have   25   years   commercial   experience   across   a   wide   number   of   sectors   with   an   in-depth   understanding   of   employability skills,   leadership   and   strategy.      I   have   a   proven   track   record   as   a   Senior   Manager   which   includes   leading   and   managing successful   teams   and   developing   coherent   &   sustainable   strategic   objectives.      I   am   a   Fellow   of   the   Institute   of   Leadership   & Management (ILM) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

“Alec was at one point an MBA student under my guidance at the University of Glasgow. He was an             

exceptional student and I have been working with him since graduation on a variety of projects. He               

has a capacity for strategic thinking and a strong focus on developing people skills.”

Robert MacIntosh,

Head of School of Management and Languages, Heriot-Watt University

Approach My motivational and passionate approach to teaching is based on getting people involved through facilitation, group discussion and group exercises.  I believe that learning must be inspiring, fun and engaging.

“Alec´s teaching style is very charismatic and enthusiastic. He is passionate about his work, and as                    

a result of this he has an inspiring influence on his students, especially because he draws on his                 

substantial managerial experience”

Ute Christine Monsen, Student


+44 7881 807529